A Beautiful World on Samui

Exterior pool deck furnitureOffering a wide range of interior and exterior furniture in both contemporary and traditional styles with products available in both natural and synthetic materials, A Beautiful World also stocks a broad selection of accessories, bed linen, artwork, lighting and ceramics. Providing a fully comprehensive service on all aspects of installation, project management, shipping and export to international destinations, this remarkable furnishing provider is a must see while traveling through Maenam and the Bophut areas.
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Connect 4 on the Beaches of Samui

When the sun reclaims her hours of rest and the Asian moon begins his ascent into the starry skies the beaches of 6 year old genius: Connect 4 Bophut and the venues along the avenues begin to fill with tiny wizards and tricksters of all ages.

The most common way for you to lose a little bit of money is with one or more of the local children, or bar girls, challenging you to a game of Connect 4.
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The Bophut Blackmail…

Samui getaway
The laughter took us all by surprise. We had thought that we had escaped that pompous sound. You see the four of us had planned an extreme getaway, a three-week vacation in the tropics that would separate us from not only our work, but from our boss who drove us all mad.

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June’s Art Café in Bophut – A Koh Samui Art Experience

June’s Art Café in Bophut is an ambient and organic experienceKoh Samui has always held a certain charm mined from the presence of a collective, centrifugal force from the powers of attraction from positive thinkers. Resulting from the holistic and healing characteristics that are prominent around the island, naturalists and homoeopaths have spurred off to create some of the most family oriented, spiritually derived cafés and hideaways to cater to a wide diversity of tourists and locals.
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Bophut Go-Kart – Koh Samui Thailand

Samui Go-Kart in BophutA great way to learn and improve car racing skills There is nothing better than getting behind the wheel of a four-wheeled racer and setting off to blow your friends away. Samui Go-Kart is just the place. Located in Bophut on the main ring-road you will discover that this is a great place for adults and children alike to experience racing on a real Go-Kart circuit. Continue reading

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Make a Wish with a Lantern in Bophut

A very special method to show your gratitudeNot only have you been fortunate enough to escape the confines of your employment, the economy, having to shovel snow from your doorstep or rake leaves and cut the grass of your residence, but you have found yourself one of the most beautiful and cultural islands in Asia. Welcome to Bophut on Koh Samui.

In order to reassure your place in the universe, as well as to thank the gods for allowing you to be here at this very moment, the Thai people have a very special method for you to show your gratitude. It is called the Wish Balloon, or Wish Lantern. Continue reading

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The Bophut Bounce & Tan

Koh Samui has tethered itself to the world of international tourism, some plain old tanning timebinding both 5-Star amenities and a back-packer’s paradise with the natural grace of an indigenous culture. Within the well-preserved village of Bophut, the Thai way of life breaks free from its dress code and quiet solitude and enters into a realm of variety and endless fun. 
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More than just Monkey Business

A young boy on a coconut farm in Kanchanadit, Suratthani cringed as he saw a farmerOn coconut farms monkeys pick the crop beat a monkey that failed to properly retrieve a coconut. He understood the usefulness of having monkeys pick the important crop; the monkeys were more skilful at the task, gathering a much greater number of coconuts per day than the most experienced man could. However, he was shocked by the inhumane treatment the animals were given.  Continue reading

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Thailand’s Pigtailed Monkey

Saved from ExtinctionThe Pigtailed Macaque Monkey has learned to work to survive

Animal lovers, activists, protesters for animal rights, advocates and objectors of unfair treatment to animals, forward-looking environmentalists, groups such as Greenpeace and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, would never be able to do for the Pigtailed Macaque Monkey what it has done for itself. It has learned to work to survive, with the help of one uneducated man.  Continue reading

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Fisherman’s Village of Bophut

Fishing pier in Fisherman's Village Bophut, Koh SamuiWhen you hear that there is a place called The Fisherman’s Village on the peaceful and idyllic island of Koh Samui, one might begin to imagine a quiet fishing village, or even a long wooden dock protruding out into the waters with Thai fishermen lounging in the shades of the pillars, their lines dangling in the waters of the azure sea while a reed cigarette hangs on the bottom lip of their tanned and weathered faces.

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